Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Magimix By Robot-Coupe {Review} 4200 Automatic

If you guys know me personally {or maybe you've seen this through my blog}, you know that I love to cook. Ever since I was little girl, some of my most fondest memories, were of me cooking with my mom or grandma, and our family gatherings surrounded by happy company and good food. My mom used to have a food processor by a well known brand, but seeing her use it, always seemed more of a chore than anything else. I was never impressed by it, so as an adult I never really ventured out into buying food processors. The closest thing I've ever purchased was this tiny little thing that I use once in a while to puree Chipotle salsa, nothing fancy, and nothing amazing. 

I was approached by the PR for Magimix to see if I was interested and trying out their products. It had been a while since I had used a food processor, and since I've been into cooking {and specifically, baking.} lately, I figured it would be fun to try out.

Per their website:

Robot-Coupe's original idea was to create a single machine that could perform a variety of tasks for professional chefs (such as chopping, grinding, kneading, shredding…).
Based on the technical breakthroughs and professional standards, Magimix was founded to develop domestic versions of Robot-Coupe Food Processors. Since 1971, Magimix has manufactured the Food Processor that was once acclaimed by The New York Times as: "the culinary revolution of the 20th century"

Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processors are now found in more than 60 countries and known worldwide as an indisputable kitchen essential. The original, it continues to be favored by top chefs, culinary schools, food writers and dedicated home cooks

I was pretty impressed, merely by the fact, that these food processors that were once commercial grade, are now conveniently available for home use. I love that I can use a professional piece, that true culinary cooks use in their kitchens. {Now I have no excuse for not baking a perfect crust ha!)


Here is the Magimix in all of its glory<3 I love how stainless steel products look in the kitchen. Very sleek.


Not only is this food processor a 3 in 1 (Mini bowl & blade for smaller batches, Midi bowl for slicing and grating, & the main bowl for regular use.), it also comes with several useful attachments.

{Attachments came in this convenient storage container.}

{Cook books, instructions & a DVD, also included with the Magimix.}


My dad stopped by, and brought some delicious veggies from his garden<3 I didn't know what I was going to do with all of the bounty, but looking in the Magimix cookbook, I found a simple recipe for Gazpacho.


I had all of the ingredients, except the red bell pepper. I did however have a green bell pepper from my parents' garden (thank you guys!), so I just swapped that out.  I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful the blades were, and how soft the noise was. I own an obnoxiously loud blender, so loud, that my son covers his ears whenever I turn it on. I forgot to prepare him (he's autistic, so loud sounds are bothersome.), but he didn't budge a bit. I thought that was interesting to see!


This was my first time making Gazpacho (a chilled soup), and it was delicious! I added a dollop of sour cream<3 It was so incredibly easy! 

This made for a simple, delicious, & healthy meal. I couldn't have loved my Magimix more<3 I can't wait to use it throughout the end of the summer and into the holidays. With my Sister-in-law's bridal shower coming up, I can now make tons of tasty treats for the celebrations. I really recommend this for anyone who loves to cook! I know I'm personally going to be able to utilize this in all kinds of meals.

If you'd like more information on their products, I've placed a link on my side bar. Also, you may find them on their various social media accounts:

Here is their Website.
Here is their Facebook.
Here is their Twitter.

Per their Website: 

Magimix products are available at Williams-Sonoma, Chefs Catalog and Zola.

Not every store or catalog carries our full range of products. To check availability, please check on the website, contact the nearest store from you, or call the Customer Care Center:

Website: Williams-Sonoma|Magimix by Robot-Coupe
U.S.A: 1-877-812-6235
CANADA: 1.855.860.1081

Chefs Catalog
Website: Chefs Catalog|Magimix by Robot-Coupe
U.S.A: 1-800-338-3232

Zola - Wedding Registry
Website: Zola|Magimix by Robot-Coupe

I decided to add a new feature :-) Throughout the fall, as I cook more recipes using my Magimix, I'll be adding them to my recipe file under Magimix recipes<3  

Thank you Magimix & Suki for the lovely product!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tazo {Organic} Jasmine Green Tea Review 


While walking around Lucky's Market, I was looking through their chilled drinks. I came across a Tazo Tea (I recognized the name from Starbucks), that was labeled Jasmine Green. I was little hesitant, because as much as I enjoy home brewed green tea, I have yet to find a chilled store version that I enjoy. An employee told me that they were on sale, (their weekly flyer sales **double** over on Wednesdays. In other words, anything on sale from the week prior, remains on sale on Wednesday, while the sales for the next week begins. AWESOME deals!!) so I grabbed a few, with dried bananas and Ciabatta Bread. (I made some awesome sammies from it.).

At first sip, I was like what in the world is this? It tasted like perfume lol, I was seriously a little thrown off because it was unexpected. After a few sips, I *really* began to enjoy it. Letting the taste linger, it was like I was drinking the scent of Jasmine! It has such a refreshing aroma filled flavor, I rushed back and grabbed 5 more bottles of this stuff!


I think I'm an oddball when it comes to scents and flavors. I can't get enough of floral scents in foods and drinks, and if you're the type of person that prefers deeper more complex flavors, I highly suggest this tea for you. This is a new favorite for me  ♥ → ☕ Love.

Have you had Tazo Teas before?

I grabbed this tea at:

Lucky's Market
200 N Hurstbourne Pkwy
Louisville, Ky. 40222


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vintage Mexican Leather Bag {Etsy Purchase}

Its been a while since I've bought something on Etsy. I purchased this beautiful necklace a long time ago;

Its a pink chalcedony stone necklace. I remembered when I purchased it, I LOVED the color. I was a little disappointed with the size, as it was a bit smaller than I thought. When I re-read the listing, I realized it was my fault for not reading the size she wrote. Now I make a point to read ALL of the listing, and making notes of measurements before I buy anything on any site. Pretty necklace nonetheless :-)

I purchased that necklace in 2009, and hadn't made an Etsy purchase since. Not because it was a bad experience, I guess I just hadn't made the time.


While looking through old (very meaningful) pieces that I had been given from my late grandfather, I came across a little leather personalized pouch he purchased from Mexico. In Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (where my Dad's side of the family is from), they have tons of merchants selling handmade artisan goods on the streets. It was like a tradition, every time my Grandparent's visited Mexico, they'd come home with trinkets for all of the grand babies. We were gifted threaded pens, candies, necklaces, rings, and all sorts of interesting goodies. While looking at my leather pouch, I remembered all of the old leather bags we probably gave to goodwill with my name engraved on it :( (I guess its the hoarder in me that wants to hold on to everything lol.)

I took to Google, Ebay & Etsy to find leather goods from Mexico, when I came across listings for tooled handbags. I favorited TONS of bags, and had to have one! So I purchased this vintage one (I believe from the 70's), and I'm so happy how great the condition is. I need to learn how to care for leather products, but this bag is flawless. I can't wait to use it with my cream colored crochet dress. 


The detailing in this bag amazes me. I love the roses, and how age has darkened the material.


The inside of the bag has no marks, its clean as a whistle. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.<3

Have you ever bought anything on Etsy? 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Color Correcting Primer {Review}

While I was grocery shopping at Walmart, my cousin asked to visit to the make-up aisle. She forgot her make-up bag at home, so she needed to pick up some basics (Fyi, she's so gorgeous she doesn't need a drop of it. That's like the FIRST thing I'd pack! I'd probably have people running from me in the streets if they saw me without my mask haha..).


One of my favorite drugstore brands at Walmart is Hard Candy. I was excited when I had heard they were launching their products there, (easy to access since I'm there weekly for groceries) so its pretty much my monthly routine to see what new items they have available.


Here is a picture of my forearm un-retouched. I had just gotten done swatching some foundations, so its a little red.


This is the color correcting primer, its like a shade of clay green. It feels very "fluffy" and has a thick whipped texture.


I've used it several times, and its always went on very smoothly. Its weird, because when I applied it this time (in a rush), I felt as though the cream pilled a bit. I've never had this issue before, but it was the first time I placed it on quickly and not taking my time.  If you take a look at my before picture, you can see it did in fact "color correct" as the red color splotchy color smoothed out quite a bit.


This is how my skin looked, after I applied MAC Face and Body foundation. The color is smooth & dewy. I really do like this primer, its kept my makeup in place & has worked to remove redness on my face caused by my Atopic-Dermatitis. I would repurchase this again! I'm thinking of buy more of the other ones they have available.

Have you used Hard Candy before? What's your favorite Primer?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Sandwiches

I love visiting my parent's home during the summer and fall. Its funny, when I first visited their newly built house, I had a hard time calling it "home". Being born and raised in the same home, for 19 years in Chicago, it was tough seeing it sold & demolished. Moving to Kentucky was a HUGE adjustment for all of us. It seemed almost foreign seeing them in a new house.


Probably about a year ago, it finally felt like a home. Even though I have never "lived" there per say, it finally felt like it really was my parent's place. Its hard to explain. Even returning from my last trip from Chicago, I think that was the first time I felt as serene as I ever have coming back to Louisville. It feels good to call Kentucky home<3



The pictures of my parent's garden doesn't do it justice. It feels so serene and peaceful there<3 I can't wait until the day I can have my own garden lol. 

My parents always send us home with goodies, so I grabbed bag fulls Baby Beet greens & tons of other herbs and veggies.



With all of the veggies, and some deli meats I had, I decided to make us a sandwich for lunch. I stopped at Lucky's Market, and grabbed some their fresh Ciabatta bread.


Their bread was delicious!  I cut a few slices for sandwiches, and froze the rest of it. (Fyi, it worked out great! I just defrosted it in the microwave a few weeks later, and made garlic bread for our spaghetti night.)

This was so easy and simple to do. I used Arugula, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Avocado, Ham, Turkey, Cheddar Cheese, and Ciabatta Bread<3 This was probably one of my most favorite sammies I have ever made. So incredibly simple. Their Ciabatta bread somewhat reminded me of Panera's, I'll definitely be buying more of it soon.

What are your favorite sandwiches? Have you been to Lucky's Market? I'll probably do a post on stuff I've purchased there :-)

Lucky's Market
200 N Hurstbourne Pkwy
Louisville, Ky. 40222


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back to School

In about a month, my 7 year old starts school again. Its always bittersweet... as much as my son enjoys school, I can't help but feel I'd rather keep him home with me. :-) It's awesome to see this compassionate, sweet little being growing into his own, but its sad because he's no longer a baby.

With only 4 weeks left until school, I'm still trying to tackle the rest of our summer list, but also starting to prepare our household for the school year that's quickly approaching. I've already tackled organizing our sons' room (my biggest job of the summer haha, so many toys we sorted through, it was ridiculous!) So hopefully after buying school supplies, it will all be down hill from there. Somehow, I never feel my day runs smoothly unless our home is organized.

Back to School "To Do finish" this month:
-Start Earlier Bedtimes (starting next Monday!)
-Finish Sorting through the boys' room (Goodwill!)
-Purchase Back to School Supplies
-Purchase New School Clothes
-Enforce New Chore Charts
-Plan First Day of School Morning "Special Feast"
-Purchase gifts for the Teacher's First Day of School
-Find Meal Plans for School
-Prepare Props for First Day of School Photos
-Prepare our School Cones (Schultuete)

Our back to school list is available on our school website, so I should probably go soon and catch the sales before everything gets sorted through. (We have already purchased the backpack, which is *his* most important purchase for school.)

 Here is a neat cone (Schultuete) tradition from Germany, for the first day of school. I LOVE this idea, and can't wait to do it this year. Basically you make a cone and fill it with goodies for their first day of school. 
-Awesome tutorial from The Mother Huddle-

I loved these Printables and ideas that I printed out as well, in case anyone was looking for some:

Here's my blog post from last year where I made Teacher Appreciation bags. I might do something similar this year :-)

Teacher Appreciation Bags

How are you preparing for back to school? Any special celebrations or traditions in your home?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Local Louisville Etsy Stores

Every once in a while I like to round up a few of my favorite local Etsy Stores. Here are my favorites at the moment<3

{Via Etsy Store: Gregarianne

I love love love vintage jewelry. I personally collect a lot of old Avon Costume jewelry, but whenever I find something as ornate as this, I have a hard time passing it up. This gorgeous bangle cuff is available here for only $48. Isn't it beautiful? Mary Ann of "Gregarianne" has awesome taste when it comes to vintage goodies. If you're interested in finding some pretty antiques, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

{Via Etsy Store: TreasureTroveByTrish}

Here is a vintage bangle (according to the listing 70's) from "TreasureTroveByTish". Tish C. Sells a very large variety of bangles and other pieces of jewelry. This one is something I would pair with a white crochet dress<3 Cute stuff!

 {Via Etsy Store: BSquaredCreative}

I was once asked what type of decor I enjoy. Its a hard question, because I really do enjoy several types. I love everything from Modern to Vintage, Traditional to Provencal... its so hard to choose because I always feel like my taste is constantly evolving. The little girl in me wants to decorate everything pink and fluffy (My car is decked out in hello kitty lol), while the adult side wants me to evolve into more vintage & traditional pieces. Lately, I've been leaning towards more towards Parisian themed decor, with a few vintage-y pieces thrown in. The tool box above would give a neat rustic feel to a room, or maybe upcycled and painted into a vanity piece (Fancy caboodle box), Silveware keeper, Stationary organizer, Craft Box, Scrapbook Box, there are endless possibilities for something like this<3 Great Piece. $18 Found here.

 {Via Etsy Store: BSquaredCreative}

Here's another piece from the same seller above. Its a brass pedestal bowl, I think this would make a really pretty accent piece. I would personally use something like this in my washroom to hold rolled up white washcloths, maybe use it in my entrance as a catch all for car keys (Although maybe not because any catch all ends up a mini hoarders nest lol.), or maybe to sit pretty on my dining room table? I really do love ol gold colored pieces. $32 available here.

All of these beautiful pieces are available here locally, in Louisville, Kentucky. If you're looking for a gift, I highly suggest searching for one here in town (Or wherever you locally live!)  :-) Odds are you'll find something amazing.

Do you know of any Local stores that should be featured? I'd love to hear from you, leave a comment below.