Sunday, April 13, 2014

Local Louisville Etsy finds!

If you love anything handmade or vintage, chances are you've probably checked out, or have at least heard of Etsy. If you aren't familiar with it, its this amazing website full of unique vintage and handmade goods. I would describe it as an online flea market. You really never know what you're going to find! I decided to see what local Louisville sellers were up to, and found a ton of adorable goodies! 

This pillow reminds me of the modern type decor that I've seen all over Pinterest. I am in *love* with this coral color. This pillow cover is sold at "Sweet Magnolia Interiors". I saw some cute pillow covers, curtains, and table runners for sale. 

Whenever I see this mustard yellow color, I imagine the 60's when women walked around in their soda fountain dresses. This wash bowl and pitcher are available at "Bourbon Ball Vintage". They sell a lot of vintage housewares. 

Everyone knows the Louisville iconic symbol is the "Fleur De lis". I had to do some reading to find out why, and according to Wikipedia, "The Fleur De lis was a symbol for King Louis XVI of France, which is the namesake of Louisville." I'm sure there's probably more to the story (Maybe someone who knows can help me out?). Regardless of why it came to be, I love the symbol. I wanted to find a neat poster to hang in my apartment to represent Louisville, but I wouldn't mind having these gorgeous cream colored soaps on my vanity. Whenever I see raised hobnails (is that the correct description?) on soaps or decor, I always think it looks very sophisticated and regal. These handmade soaps are available at "Cardinal Hill Soap". They carry a variety of cute soaps (I have my eye on that luffa and massage soap!), Maybe a cute adult Easter basket idea? 

I ADORE this wreath. It happened to be one of the first listings that caught my attention as soon as I searched Louisville Etsians. I love the simple colors (I feel like earth tones are easier to decorate with.), yet the flowers adorn it beautifully. This is available at "Chic Wreath".

I know its warming up, but I think this would still work out on a cool spring day. This Etsy shop has tons of crocheted goodies available. She has thinner spring scarves perfect for the warmer weather. I've seen some fashion blogs featuring bright bold scarves on a white top, and I wouldn't mind attempting the trend! Too cute. This Scarf is available at "Twisted Cotton Crochet".

So have you purchased anything on Etsy? Have you found any particular local sellers worth checking out? Let me know, and I may feature him/her as a local find.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Neutrogena Skin Primer Review


I've been on the market for a new primer for a while. Unfortunately, since I have very sensitive skin, I've had a hard time finding one that doesn't give me dry spots. I really *really* loved Smashbox Photo Ready primer, but my skin did not react well to it.


This primer is creamy, very much unlike my usual gel go to's. The gel ones that I've tried in the past, have almost like a "silky" feeling, while this one felt like a very light lotion. It smelled like sunscreen (which I didn't mind. I do wish however that companies would stop adding sunscreen to everything. I'd rather layer it in myself if I felt it necessary.).

I looked up reviews on popular review sites, and a few mentioned that it had chunks of glitter in it? It did look a little shimmery, but nothing over exaggerated. If anything, I love shimmer, but after putting my Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation (my favorite drugstore foundation, I've never had any bad reactions to it!), I didn't even notice any shimmer. The primer itself, worked very well as far as setting my make up. I did notice a difference with how my makeup sat on my face. Unfortunately, it did flare up my atopic dermatitis.

  • Set my makeup well.
  • Makeup did not rub off.
  • Nice scent.
  • It has sunscreen (my personal preference.)
  • It flared up my dermatitis.

In it's defense, it may not have been the primer itself, but the added sunscreen that caused my reaction to it. As a primer itself, it worked very well.

Have you tried the Neutrogena Healthy Skin line?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Story Magazine; A Louisville Gem.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about Story Magazine. I was pretty excited, waiting for it to hit newsstands.

I walked into my local Barnes & Noble, and found it in the local interest section. Now, I have to be honest... typically, I rarely venture into this aisle. My normal (and probably eyerolling-ly typical of me) routine, is grabbing my beauty magazine, browsing the bargained price books, curiously peeking into gemstone and hippy dippy astrology books (that my husband teases me about!) and strolling into Starbucks to order my Cafe Vanilla Frappuccino. I suppose its because most magazines about local stuff never truly grabbed my attention. I almost always look for stuff online and social media, but never really looked through a whole lot of local magazines (unless I'm grabbing something in particular), partly because most of them were about boring, generic places to visit. (I'm more of a whole in the wall, let's pack the anti-bacterial gel and sift through old stuff in a flea market type of person..)


This, is unlike any local magazine I've read in the past. While reading through it, not only was I intrigued (as usual) and impressed by their writing (you can tell they have a passion for it.), but I was literally laughing out loud reading some parts of it (Look up their "Is Kentucky South or What?" piece.). The descriptions and writings almost make you feel like you're there, right along side them, experiencing and witnessing the interviews as they take place. If you're one of the few that haven't picked an issue up, I really recommend grabbing one. Not only will locals love hearing of stories close to home, general readers alike will fall in love with the neat articles (Johnny Depp ring a bell??) as well.

I asked the CEO/Editor in Chief, Julie Wilson, if she'd be willing to answer a few questions for my readers, and I'm happy to be able to share them with you!<3

What do you think you'd like new potential readers to know about your magazine?

I’ve lived in Kentucky since I was four years old, and I thought I knew everything there was to know about the state. Yet with each issue, many new undiscovered tales unfold, and I’m even more enamoured with our state. I know readers will feel the same way, especially those who want to know more about Kentucky’s off the beaten path stories.

How did your magazine come into existence?

The idea came to me in the fall of 2011. Before then I had been in publishing on a national and international level. But then I had the opportunity to focus on stories in my own backyard, and it evolved into STORY. In January 2012, we hit the ground running and have never looked back.

What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve been a storyteller since I was young. In fact, I liked to tell my parents “creative” stories whenever I got in trouble! :-) My love for writing grew from fictional writing to sharing stories with a journalistic approach.

Do you have any advice for young readers who are interested in writing?

You can never write too much or read too many books. All of these efforts will just fuel your talent and grow your field of experience.

If you could choose any story you've featured, which one do you think stands out the most?

Personally, I was overwhelmed by the story of the McKinleys, the husband and wife team from Stanford, Ky., who spend their summers salmon fishing in Alaska. They are the most down-to-earth couple with such a passion for what they do. And they are from a small town in Kentucky, right here in our backyard. Amazing.

 Thanks Julie for taking the time to talk to me.<3 I loved her answers. I think that's a huge inspiration to anyone trying to fuel their passion for writing.

You can grab an issue on stands now at these following locations:

Barnes & Noble
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
The Morris Book Shop
Third Street Stuff

Want to find out more? Catch them on their:


Have you grabbed their mag yet?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Apartment Patio Ideas

With spring weather coming up, I've had a bit of a decorating bug. My itty bitty patio could use a little bit of love, so I scoured Pinterest for ways to make it my own. Unfortunately, I've had a few things stolen off of my patio... So I'll probably keep anything that can be easily carried off indoors.


I *love* how this looks. Its very simple, just a barrel with a glass top laid on top. I'm not a fan of country or rustic looks, but this looks very clean<3 I think the flowers add a nice touch.


This is soooo pretty, and clever! I actually recently purchased 2 folding chairs at the thrift store for $3 a piece. I plan on painting it gold with a cream seat on it.


The flower pots caught my attention. I don't have a metal rail on my patio, but I like the idea of white planters.


I love the idea of using canvas/drop cloths for curtains. It looks nice, and offers a bit of privacy. I think I'm going to ask my mom for help on a project like this... She's much better at sewing than I am.


My apartment only allows electric grills, but I'm having a hard time finding a small one. I wonder if they make terra cotta ones? This one is really cute, although I'm pretty sure this on uses coal. Since I don't have much space on my patio, I really would need a small one.

Last but not least, I love the idea of a bar cart! I don't know how practical it would be on an open patio.. You kind of have to step up to get into my doorway, so it wouldn't make sense to use it to bring stuff outside. Maybe carry it out, and use it to place foods on? I'm a huge fan of gold and copper colors.

Have you gotten the spring cleaning bug yet? I'm very excited for the warmer weather.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trader Joe's Lemon Grass Chicken Stix

I have to admit, its pretty hard avoiding Trader Joe's! Ever since they've opened up in St. Matthews, I'll make any excuse to go. The employees there are so nice, whenever we walk in we are always greeted with smiles. The kids tend to have a good time as well... they have these little shopping carts available for them to push around, and at checkout they give them stickers (Very kid friendly, huge plus for mom's trying to keep the kids somewhat occupied.). On Saturday's, they have a cheese tasting table in the wine shop! I love their cheese and wine. If I'm not mistaken, I *think* they have a policy that they allow you to try anything in the store as well? I've never done it, but I think I've heard that somewhere.


Anyways, aside from it being a great store, one of my favorite things to grab, are their Lemongrass Chicken Stix. WOW these are delicious. If you've never had lemon grass before, its like a light lemon flavored herb (I actually think it tastes more like limes), followed with a strong citrus-y & sour flavor. I've had it before in Vietnamese foods, and I've really enjoyed it cooked in meats. Although I've eaten meats cooks in lemon grass, I've never personally made it myself. I bought some dried lemon grass & and lemon grass paste that's sitting in my pantry... Hopefully I'll get a chance to play with it soon. (I have no clue how to cook with lemon grass!)

These are what the "Stix" look like, they have a crunchy wrap, and are filled with chicken, spices, and lemon grass. They're really easy to make, you just pop them in the oven, and bake according to the instructions. I can't rave enough about Trader Joe's, everything that I've tried has been really good thus far. I like to dip these in Ponzu sauce (available at ethnic Asian Stores.), and eat them as a side dish to noodles, or Pancit.

Have you been to Trader Joe's? What are your favorite things to get? I'm always looking for new recommendations!

These were purchased at:

Trader Joe's
4600 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville, Ky.  40207
(502) 895-1361

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Over the weekend we headed over to the St. Patrick's Day parade in the highlands. I had read online it was best to get there at 2:00PM, (I think we arrived at like 2:30??) but it wasn't as jammed packed as I thought it would be. We found a parking spot in one of the side streets, about 5 blocks away maybe? It was such a gorgeous day, it was a nice walk.


We found this little "lady" hanging around on a pole. I really didn't read the paper lol, but from what I can see it was a clever advertisement from Dillard's for the derby. You find all kinds of cool stuff in the highlands, its very much an "artsy" atmosphere.


Here's my little one, they received a hat and temporary tattoos from Jameson Irish Whiskey. Writing this now, I think I totally forgot to remove the temp tattoo before he went to school this morning. He had his bath, but I don't remember checking if the soap and water removed it from his hand?? lol.Greaaat.


I loved the Kosair's "Float"! It was like an electronic twirling hat with lights. My youngest has a mock hat, and he reminds me of those little circus monkeys when he uses it haha. I can't wait until he's older and incredibly embarrassed by all of the pictures I have. =X

If you ever have time, I really recommend heading out to the highlands for a day out. They have TONS of fun eats, and stores, and quirky things going on. It was a great time! I only wish they had a festival following the parade. That's something someone in Louisville needs to create. IRISH FEST!!

What did you do for St. Patrick's Day Festivities?

Monday, March 10, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Looks like a fun activity to do while the boys are little<3

I can't believe St. Patrick's Day is almost here. Seems like we just got done celebrating New Year's. Although, I can't say I'm not excited for spring! I was scouring Pinterest to find some neat ideas to do with the boys. I think I'll probably do a special grocery run to grab some goodies. (I can't believe how gorgeous the weather is today!! Its supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow.<3 Love it!)

Via: Pinterest
(These look soooo good!)

 Via: Pinterest
(I love how this looks.)

Any interesting plans for St. Patrick's Day? I might decide on making a dinner out of it... I know the boys would enjoy making some Leprechaun traps.