Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bridal Shower DIY


My Brother and his Fiancee are getting married next week. I'm pretty excited because A: I never had a wedding (Although I do plan to have a renewal for our 10 year in 2016!), B: I am a bridesmaid and our sons are the ring bearers, C: We get to party with my family that I haven't seen in years<333 I decided to throw my new SIL to be a bridal shower (the joke in my family was that I had been planning my own shower for so long, that I had already everything planned to a "T"... I guess there was some truth to that lol. At least I left the Hello Kitty decor out of it :P) The above cards are from Hallmark online. They created and shipped everything for me! So easy and hassle free.


 I hosted the party at my parents' estate. The weather was absolutely perfect, I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful location and day. We rented out tables and linens for the event, the color theme was baby pink and white. Every table had pink and white helium balloons, and pink table cloths. I loved this picture of them that her mom sent me, & Walgreens only charged a few dollars to blow it up.

I purchased these square pink canvas boards on clearance for $1 a set (total score!). Each pink table board was labeled with a white marker pen. I also purchased a black "J" (her new last name) and my hubs spray painted it black for me. I had all of the guests sign with a white marker pen for her to hang it in her home.


I purchased glass jars at the dollar store, and decorated it with pink satin ribbons. The Popsicle stick idea (thank you pinterest!)worked out great, every guest wrote a date idea and stuck it into the jar for the couple. I also grabbed little name badges from party city for everyone in the bridal party.


The Hydrangeas are from Trader Joe's, and I just placed them into glass vases from the dollar store. Very simple, but I thought it looked elegant. I tied tulle wrapped rice into glass vases, and used them as weights to hold down the helium balloons. I also threw little tiny crystals onto the tables (you can't see them here, but the sun reflected on them so it looked very sparkly!)


I grabbed a cardboard box, and wrapped it in a silk bow for all of the guest to insert the cards into for the gift table.


This Tiffany blue box is from TjMaxx, and I just labeled it with her "Something old, Something new." I thought it would be a nice gesture to let her loved ones in on what she was doing (seeing as not everyone will be present while she's getting ready.). She couldn't figure out anything old & blue, so I sewed tulle to make a little square, pinned a blue ribbon, and put 4 pennies (year the couple was born, wedding year, her parent's wedding year, and my parent's wedding year) as a token of good luck to pin into her dress. (I thought it would be nice to do something sentimental. I was only going to do her wedding year and her parent's, but her mom suggested the other years as well. Great Idea! Thank you.)


I set up a mimosa bar, with purchased bottles of juice from the World Market (Strawberry guava, and another that I can't remember the name.), and they chilled along with Barefoot wine Champagnes.


Every bottle (purchased from the dollar store as well) was adorned with ribbon and a corresponding tag that was purchased at Micheal's Arts and Crafts.


My dad helped me slice up fruits to be placed into our mimosas. I got those pink paper straws at TjMaxx, for only $2!


I set up a Panini bar (I didn't take many pictures of that), which turned out great! Every deli meat and cheese was labeled. At the end of the table were two hot George Foreman grills that everyone just pressed their sandwiched in.


Here's my sammie, along with potato salad, a shrimp salad, and bread and butter pickles.


Here is the dessert bar<3 I baked strawberry cupcakes that were adorned with stamped little flags that I stamped by hand. Each of the glass containers were purchased at the dollar store (along with the swirly lollipops and rainbow colored ones.) The gumballs I purchased at party city, along with the hot pink rock candy sticks. I baked Rice Krispies dipped in chocolate, and also did chocolate dipped pretzels wrapped in cellophane (Chocolate and baggies were purchased from Jo Ann Fabrics.). 


 I always wanted to create a dessert bar haha! I finally got my chance :P PINK!


I baked her a funfetti and buttercream (fondant covered) cake<3 I had so much fun throwing it all together! I feel very blessed to be welcoming my new sister in law into my family<3 I can't wait to share all of the events with you guys!!

A huge thanks to my parents<333 Thank you for helping me coordinate the party!

Have you ever had a bridal shower? What inspirational ideas have you taken from pinterest?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Macaroon Pants Forever21

I'll probably always be 8 years old at heart<3 (more like 17, but you get the picture!) I'm obsessed with everything pink and girly. I suppose once I get a niece to spoil, I'll be able to get pink things out of my system... until then...

{Photo Credit:}

I ordered some goodies off of forever21, and I fell in love with these pajamas! The macaroons were adorable, and I really love the satin bow on top. I'll probably be saving these for Christmas morning pictures. Aren't they cute?

You can purchase these here.

{No affiliation, it was just one of those purchases that I really enjoyed.}



Monday, September 15, 2014

Last day for the Free Ice Cream Giveaway!

Free Ice Cream Monday!! Today from 3-8pm, Graeter's Ice Cream is giving away *free* Ice Cream for Cones for the Cure! It's the last day support :-)

For more information, visit Cones for the Cure, or check out my blog post explaining the cause.

Happy Monday<3

Friday, September 12, 2014

Free Ice Cream Monday!


Great news everyone! In conjunction with Cones of the Cure, Graeter's Ice Cream is giving away free Ice Cream this coming up Monday from 3-8pm :-) Here's a little info on the cause, I can't wait to head over there next week.

Have a great weekend<3


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Firmoo Eyeglasses {Review}


Firmoo.Com contacted me, to see if I was interested in reviewing a pair of their eyeglasses. Coincidentally, I had been having some issues from overuse of my contacts (Apparently, I now have astigmatism, something I have never had before :( )  In the mornings, I noticed I had irritated dry eyes, and noticed a change in my vision at night. It was pretty concerning.

Anywho, the ophthalmologist recommended I get some glasses asap to give my eyes a rest. If I'm completely honest, I've always hated glasses. I've never liked how they looked on my face, and my old glasses were just so dreadfully uncomfortable! But, per my Dr.'s recommendation, I really needed to give up the contacts (at least at home), and so had perfect timing. I went online & chose my glasses & frame. The customer service was great, any questions I had, they quickly responded. I chose these ones from their site

Description per their site:
These rimless glasses are made from durable and light metal. The adjustable nose pads add extra comfort. These outstanding glasses could be wore all day long. Modified oval-shaped lenses have a suitable size for single vision correction needs. The adjustable nose pads add extra comfort. The metal wire temples are decorated with two small round metal knots on each side.

I love how light feeling they were on my face, and loved that the glasses don't look obnoxious. For someone who doesn't like wearing glasses, it's a lot to say that I actually enjoy wearing these. Its a very subtle look, especially for someone who prefers to wear something less noticeable. (on the other hand, if you're the type of person who enjoys wearing glasses, they do have some very cute options available to coordinate with your style.)

All in all my experience with Firmoo was great. Customer Service was prompt, and they were kind enough to send a case along with tools to adjust my glasses if need be. I loved the glasses they had available, but in my opinion, it would be nice to see a bigger selection (and maybe smaller sizes than what they have available, or perhaps kids sizes.) I would re-purchase from them again, and plan to very soon.

Have you tried Firmoo Glasses before?

Here's their Web Page.
Like them on Facebook.


Thank you Firmoo for the glasses! I loved them<3

Friday, September 5, 2014

Free Ice Cream Friday!


Awesome news! First free giveaway day! Guests can stop into any participating Graeter’s location between 3-8 PM. What's a better way than helping a great cause, and celebrating with free ice cream on this hot day?! Happy Friday!!