Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ford Mustang By OPI Nail Polish Collection; Pony Pack {Swatches & Review}


Ford Mustang & OPI contacted me to see if I would be interested in taking a look at their new collaboration, celebrating Ford Mustang's 50th Anniversary. OPI is an amazing brand of professional nail polishes, and Ford Vehicles (specifically Mustangs!) have always been a vehicle staple in our home, (I just about cried when we had to sell my Cobra.). Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see their new line of polishes.

Per their site:
"Developed by OPI Co-Founder and EVP Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the collection uniquely expresses the spirit of Mustang.
“Nail color, just like the car she drives, is the ultimate expression of a woman’s personality,” says Weiss-Fischmann. “Automobiles are synonymous with style, and there is a special kind of love affair between a woman and her car.
“These lacquers celebrate a woman’s pursuit of excitement and invite OPI fans to accentuate their personal style and embrace Mustang’s adventurous spirit through color...”

Ford Mustang by OPI includes six limited edition shades:
  • Race Red
  • 50 Years of Style
  • Queen of the Road
  • Girls Love Ponies
  • Angel with a Leadfoot
  • The Sky's My Limit

Here's the package I received<3 It's funny, I typically don't like buying packaged nail polishes because I know I'll never use all of them, there's always one color I don't care for. I can honestly say, that I loved every one of these colors.


 Here's the swatch for 50 Years of Style. I love the pearly gold color.


Here's the swatch for Angel with a Leadfoot. White nails are really on trend this season<3

 Here's the swatch for Girl's Love Ponies. Beautiful shade of pink.

 and last but not least, Race Red. Beautiful sexy shade of red<3

The colors were gorgeous, and the nail lacquer itself was a smooth, great quality polish. I wouldn't expect any less from OPI.

Congratulations Ford Mustang, on celebrating your 50th anniversary<3 I can't wait to see your new 2015 line.

Ford Mustang By OPI, is available for a limited time at  professional salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, ULTA and

Have you guys tried this collection out yet?

Ford Mustang and OPI were kind enough to send polishes to try out<3 As always, I promise to give my honest opinion.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Kukui Oil By Sonoma Naturals Review {Tj Maxx Purchase}


 At TjMaxx, I was looking through some new serums in their face care aisle. I read through a few packages of creams, when I came across packages of Kukui Oil, Carrot Oil, and other varieties by Sonoma Naturals (Dermapeutics Inc.). Its no secret that I've had issues with Atopic Dermatitis, so its important that I find products that don't irritate my sensitive skin.

Typically my skin care routine consists of coconut oil and Greek yogurt. Lately, my skin has been acting a little off kilter, so I was willing to try a new product to get rid of my dry spots. I don't remember the article, but I do remember Kukui oil listed as an oil recommended for dry skin, eczema, and dermatitis.

{Here are the instructions}

 {Here is this back of the box. $10 is a steal! Online I saw the prices upwards of $20.}


The oil itself, while a little thick, absorbed into my skin rather quickly. After I shower and wash my face, I apply this and let it dry before applying moisturizer (I just use a sliver cut off of my Aloe Vera plant.).  

After two weeks of use, I saw a major improvement of my dry spots. It does have a faint smell, almost nutty. It wasn't off putting, and definitely wasn't strong enough to stop me from discontinuing the use of this oil. I loved this oil so much, I went out and bought another bottle, so as not to run out.

I bought this at Tj Maxx for $10. If you can't find it at your local TjMaxx, I did see some for sale on Amazon, albeit for more money. {I love Tj Maxx! Its fun to try products out without breaking the bank!}

Here is the website for the company of this product, Dermapeutics. At time of publishing, their online store still wasn't up (their link says store coming soon.)

Have you tried Kukui oil before? Have you heard of this brand? Let me know what you think!

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Flea Off Market in Louisville, Ky.


I love flea markets, but every time The Flea Off Market started up, I was never able to make it. I was lucky enough to catch it this summer, and I loved every bit of it.


The first thing that attracted me to this market, were the food trucks. I always see on Twitter & Instagram the pictures of all of the food trucks. (writing this is making me HUNGRY just thinking about it.)


They had a neat little area set up for dining. It was SUPER hot and humid, but the food made it well worth it.


We took a stroll around the trucks to scope out what they had, I hadn't tried Grind Kitchen before, so I gladly bought some Grind burgers for the boys and I.


Grind Burger Kitchen was really good. They Mexican cokes in glass bottle available, but I just grabbed some canned ones.


You can order your burgers rare, medium, or well done. They were delicious! They were cheesy and moist. (commence mouth watering lol.)


I walked around to do some shopping. I had both boys with me, so it was a little difficult to talk to vendors (It was so hot! Poor little guys. They just wanted to keep moving around so as not to stay under the sun :( ). This vendor had beautiful pillows, scarves, and tanks for sale. I was on a mission to find antiques... had it not been for that, I would have bought a tank.




There were tons of jewelry and trinkets available. I saw vintage purses, home decor, vintage toys... you name it, it was there!



 This is what I came home with :-) A woman had this beautiful antique Asian necklace. 


I'll probably pair this with a white tank and skinny jeans. I don't know why, but the tiny character on it caught my attention.


I bought these adorable aluminum cups, to use as vases for my bathroom. Another vendor had more of them, but she wouldn't sell individual ones (unless I bought them as a set.). They were all mismatched colors, so I wouldn't buy mismatching cups (even if thats how they are supposed to be.). Everything in my home has to be matched & even. I'm very OCD about that, lol. Too bad, I was willing to pay for one cup what she wanted for the whole set ha.


 I'm not familiar with the brand, but I saw some on Etsy, they seem popular. I'm in love with the color<3



These were an interesting find. I was trying to find little mint julep cups to put flowers in, but I've had no luck. I came across these cute little cups from India, close enough! They're pretty tarnished, and I couldn't make out any engravings when I was looking at them. The woman offered me $10 for the set, so I bought them :-) I figured even without markings, there was a chance they could be brass, or silver plated. I wish I knew what their intended use is for.


This is one that I cleaned up. I tried using ketchup to remover tarnish, but it didn't work. I used Tarnx which was better, but it still has splotches on it. I could leave as is, or try to find another way to clean them up. I thought they were cute! They'll be gracing a window sill soon.

My first time at the Flea Off Market was amazing. Ton's of fun, food, and shopping :-) there's a little bit for everyone!

The Flea Off Market
1007 East Jefferson
Louisville, Ky.

Its typically the first weekend of every month, next one is Friday Sept. 5th. @ 10:00am.

Here's their Facebook.
Here's their Twitter.

Grind Burger Kitchen
3311 Preston Hwy
Louisville, Ky.

Have you been to The Flea Off Market before? I had tons of fun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day of School


The beginning of the school year seems to forever be bitter sweet. I'm happy, yet grateful, my son (7 years old) has the opportunity to go to school to learn... but on the other hand... I'm selfishly a little sad he's growing up so quickly. ❤ He had an awesome day at school today, and I wish him and everyone else starting school a wonderful year. May you learn as much as you can & I wish you a year full of great accomplishments. And for any mamas looking for a buddy to cry with, I'll be here all night. Bring wine.

Have a good year!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bridal Shower Time!

My brother is getting married in October!! I'm so excited for him and his fiance. Not only is she a wonderful girl, but I got to meet her sweet and loving family at the engagement party. I left the party feeling so blessed for him.

She was thoughtful enough to ask me to be a bridesmaid. I've never been a bridesmaid before, so I think this will be fun! I loved being a part of helping her choose her dress (My brother is going to *die* the second he sees her), as well as bonding a bit with her friends. Such a great group of girls!

I am throwing her a bridal shower a few weeks before her wedding, so right now I have a *ton* to plan. Not only am I in the middle of planning her shower, but I'm also trying to cram in as many activities as we can as summer comes to a close. I'm exhausted... but in a good happy way lol.

Pinterest has been my bff these days, so I rounded up some favorites that I plan to incorporate into her shower<3


 I'm throwing a bridal/lingerie shower. It gives me an excuse to play with cute, flirty ideas<3 Her favorite color is pink, so I decided pink, white & gold would be the color scheme. I loved how the strawberries looked above, so I think I'll be doing something similar to this.



Although the shower well be thrown in early fall (or close to), I still want to do some fun summer salads. (I wanted to try this dish this week, but I forgot to grab bow tie pasta.)


I want to incorporate a few bridal traditions, here's a pin from Martha Stewart using a pretty cake with ribbons. I believe each ribbon has a good fortune on the end of it that bridesmaid pulls out.

This is the color scheme idea I'm trying to do. I want to have a cute dessert table. Probably not elaborate as this, but hopefully something similar<3

Have you been to a bridal shower before? I'm open to any suggestions and recipes!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Ross Stores Opened in Louisville! 


New Ross Stores opened up in Kentuckiana! They had their Grand Opening on July 19th, and they kindly offered me a glimpse into the store to share.


I stopped in this last week, just in time to pick up last minute back to school shopping for my 7 year old. I can't believe school starts in like a week. Crazy.


They had a nice selection of shoes (they even carry women's sizes as small as 5! fyi), tons of handbags, beauty products, and accessories. I came across some very pretty jewelry organizers, and clear makeup organizers as well (I know those are pretty popular right now.)

They also had a large selection of clothing, I saw a lot of lace tops (very on trend) and maxi skirts.

They had a big selection in toys and kids shoes (which was nice, because kids shoes seem to always have the smallest section when it comes to other similar retailers, not the case here!)

I purchased my son's new school shoes for 60% of the retail price (total score), and I found name brand school shirts for as little as $2.99. I'm happy I came here before I bought the rest of my son's school stuff, I got a ton of bargains.

Ross Stores carries name brand clothing at 20% to 60% off of department store prices<3 Awesome deals here.

New Stores Opening in Kentuckiana:

10391 Dixie Highway
Louisville, Ky 40272

1020 Veterans Parkway
Clarksville, In 47129

Store Hours
Monday - Thursday 9:30 am - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday 9:00 am - 10:30 pm
Sunday 9:30am - 9:30 pm

Check out their Website here
And Facebook here

Have you guys been to Ross before? I'm glad to be done with my back to school shopping<3

Ross was kind enough to send me a gift card to check out their new stores. As usual, I promise to give my honest opinions.