Monday, September 15, 2014

Last day for the Free Ice Cream Giveaway!

Free Ice Cream Monday!! Today from 3-8pm, Graeter's Ice Cream is giving away *free* Ice Cream for Cones for the Cure! It's the last day support :-)

For more information, visit Cones for the Cure, or check out my blog post explaining the cause.

Happy Monday<3

Friday, September 12, 2014

Free Ice Cream Monday!


Great news everyone! In conjunction with Cones of the Cure, Graeter's Ice Cream is giving away free Ice Cream this coming up Monday from 3-8pm :-) Here's a little info on the cause, I can't wait to head over there next week.

Have a great weekend<3


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Firmoo Eyeglasses {Review}


Firmoo.Com contacted me, to see if I was interested in reviewing a pair of their eyeglasses. Coincidentally, I had been having some issues from overuse of my contacts (Apparently, I now have astigmatism, something I have never had before :( )  In the mornings, I noticed I had irritated dry eyes, and noticed a change in my vision at night. It was pretty concerning.

Anywho, the ophthalmologist recommended I get some glasses asap to give my eyes a rest. If I'm completely honest, I've always hated glasses. I've never liked how they looked on my face, and my old glasses were just so dreadfully uncomfortable! But, per my Dr.'s recommendation, I really needed to give up the contacts (at least at home), and so had perfect timing. I went online & chose my glasses & frame. The customer service was great, any questions I had, they quickly responded. I chose these ones from their site

Description per their site:
These rimless glasses are made from durable and light metal. The adjustable nose pads add extra comfort. These outstanding glasses could be wore all day long. Modified oval-shaped lenses have a suitable size for single vision correction needs. The adjustable nose pads add extra comfort. The metal wire temples are decorated with two small round metal knots on each side.

I love how light feeling they were on my face, and loved that the glasses don't look obnoxious. For someone who doesn't like wearing glasses, it's a lot to say that I actually enjoy wearing these. Its a very subtle look, especially for someone who prefers to wear something less noticeable. (on the other hand, if you're the type of person who enjoys wearing glasses, they do have some very cute options available to coordinate with your style.)

All in all my experience with Firmoo was great. Customer Service was prompt, and they were kind enough to send a case along with tools to adjust my glasses if need be. I loved the glasses they had available, but in my opinion, it would be nice to see a bigger selection (and maybe smaller sizes than what they have available, or perhaps kids sizes.) I would re-purchase from them again, and plan to very soon.

Have you tried Firmoo Glasses before?

Here's their Web Page.
Like them on Facebook.


Thank you Firmoo for the glasses! I loved them<3

Friday, September 5, 2014

Free Ice Cream Friday!


Awesome news! First free giveaway day! Guests can stop into any participating Graeter’s location between 3-8 PM. What's a better way than helping a great cause, and celebrating with free ice cream on this hot day?! Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cones For the Cure

I'm so excited to share a wonderful cause that's super easy to be a part of<3 Today kicks off "Cones for the Cure".

A little bit of background on their cause:

Started in 2007, in tribute to a 6-year-old girl named Elena Desserich, The Cure Starts Now Foundation has revolutionized cancer research worldwide with its focus on a “homerun cure” for all cancers. In just 7 years, The Cure Starts Now has raised over $2 million for pediatric brain cancer research. With 27 chapters in 3 countries, The Cure Starts Now is making a difference in the fight against cancer. The Cure Starts Now has also been recognized by The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, People Magazine, Inside Edition and media worldwide for the inspiration it offers to all that fight cancer.
Elena’s Blueberry Pie Ice Cream was named after Elena as part of a wish donated by Graeter’s to The Cure Starts Now’s annual gala. The Groteke family won the wish and invented the flavor in 2008. Elena’s heart painting is the inspiration for the pint design. A portion of the proceeds from every scoop benefits The Cure Starts Now.

During Cones for the Cure, guests that visit a Graeter’s store during the campaign period have the opportunity to donate a $1 or $5 “Cone for the Cure.” Graeter’s will also offer a $15 savings booklet for every donation of $5 or more to The Cure Starts Now. In 2013, over $52,000 was raised in just two weeks! Amazing! To learn more about Cones for the Cure, please visit the website at

So starting today, go ahead & “like” Cones for the Cure on Facebook ( so you can be the first to get the “inside scoop” about free ice cream days, giveaways and more!

I can't wait to hit take the boys to Graeter's and grab some Ice Cream to help out<3

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ford Mustang By OPI Nail Polish Collection; Pony Pack {Swatches & Review}


Ford Mustang & OPI contacted me to see if I would be interested in taking a look at their new collaboration, celebrating Ford Mustang's 50th Anniversary. OPI is an amazing brand of professional nail polishes, and Ford Vehicles (specifically Mustangs!) have always been a vehicle staple in our home, (I just about cried when we had to sell my Cobra.). Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see their new line of polishes.

Per their site:
"Developed by OPI Co-Founder and EVP Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the collection uniquely expresses the spirit of Mustang.
“Nail color, just like the car she drives, is the ultimate expression of a woman’s personality,” says Weiss-Fischmann. “Automobiles are synonymous with style, and there is a special kind of love affair between a woman and her car.
“These lacquers celebrate a woman’s pursuit of excitement and invite OPI fans to accentuate their personal style and embrace Mustang’s adventurous spirit through color...”

Ford Mustang by OPI includes six limited edition shades:
  • Race Red
  • 50 Years of Style
  • Queen of the Road
  • Girls Love Ponies
  • Angel with a Leadfoot
  • The Sky's My Limit

Here's the package I received<3 It's funny, I typically don't like buying packaged nail polishes because I know I'll never use all of them, there's always one color I don't care for. I can honestly say, that I loved every one of these colors.


 Here's the swatch for 50 Years of Style. I love the pearly gold color.


Here's the swatch for Angel with a Leadfoot. White nails are really on trend this season<3

 Here's the swatch for Girl's Love Ponies. Beautiful shade of pink.

 and last but not least, Race Red. Beautiful sexy shade of red<3

The colors were gorgeous, and the nail lacquer itself was a smooth, great quality polish. I wouldn't expect any less from OPI.

Congratulations Ford Mustang, on celebrating your 50th anniversary<3 I can't wait to see your new 2015 line.

Ford Mustang By OPI, is available for a limited time at  professional salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, ULTA and

Have you guys tried this collection out yet?

Ford Mustang and OPI were kind enough to send polishes to try out<3 As always, I promise to give my honest opinion.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Kukui Oil By Sonoma Naturals Review {Tj Maxx Purchase}


 At TjMaxx, I was looking through some new serums in their face care aisle. I read through a few packages of creams, when I came across packages of Kukui Oil, Carrot Oil, and other varieties by Sonoma Naturals (Dermapeutics Inc.). Its no secret that I've had issues with Atopic Dermatitis, so its important that I find products that don't irritate my sensitive skin.

Typically my skin care routine consists of coconut oil and Greek yogurt. Lately, my skin has been acting a little off kilter, so I was willing to try a new product to get rid of my dry spots. I don't remember the article, but I do remember Kukui oil listed as an oil recommended for dry skin, eczema, and dermatitis.

{Here are the instructions}

 {Here is this back of the box. $10 is a steal! Online I saw the prices upwards of $20.}


The oil itself, while a little thick, absorbed into my skin rather quickly. After I shower and wash my face, I apply this and let it dry before applying moisturizer (I just use a sliver cut off of my Aloe Vera plant.).  

After two weeks of use, I saw a major improvement of my dry spots. It does have a faint smell, almost nutty. It wasn't off putting, and definitely wasn't strong enough to stop me from discontinuing the use of this oil. I loved this oil so much, I went out and bought another bottle, so as not to run out.

I bought this at Tj Maxx for $10. If you can't find it at your local TjMaxx, I did see some for sale on Amazon, albeit for more money. {I love Tj Maxx! Its fun to try products out without breaking the bank!}

Here is the website for the company of this product, Dermapeutics. At time of publishing, their online store still wasn't up (their link says store coming soon.)

Have you tried Kukui oil before? Have you heard of this brand? Let me know what you think!